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There are 4 Hands in the face of the clock


To set the alarm turn the clock around


1 - ON/OFF Switch - It needs to be turn on to ON position in order for the alarm sound.  This is like the ld school alarms.  If you set the alarm at 7:00 and leave the clock at ON the alarm will sound at 7:00 AM and at 7:00 PM.  If you wan the alarm to go on only at 7:00 AM you turn the alarm to ON every night when you for or sleep and set to OFF every morning when you wake up.


2 - Alarm Knob - This knob moves the thin short hand on the face of the clock to the correct time.  If you want to set it for 7:30, just point the alarm hand in between 7:00 and 8:00


3 - Time Knob - Use this knob to set the clock at the correct time.  It controls the minute and the hour hand.  The second hand is controlled by inserting the battery.  


4- Battery Compartment - Place a AA battery to start the clock.