Functional Art

Renee's creations embody both beauty and functionality, offering a seamless fusion of form and purpose.

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Bubble Vase

Embrace simplicity and versatility in your home with our elegantly designed flip vases: one side perfectly cradles a lush bouquet, while a swift inversion offers a serene nook for solitary buds or slender stems.

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Flipping Out Black

"Flipping Out Black' — where minimalist design meets functional artistry, transforming any space with a touch of monochrome magic.

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Reversible Mirrors

  • Function & Art

    A clock can serve as a captivating centerpiece; a vase can add a touch of vibrant color; a mirror has the ability to create depth and illuminate any space. However, they also effortlessly fulfill their practical purposes by measuring time, holding delicate roses, and reflecting the beauty around them. These artistic masterpieces seamlessly blend art and function.

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Wholesale and Trade

We would be delighted to be included in your store's collection or to contribute to your upcoming design project.

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