• Flips

    Languages, Colors, Calendar; a flip for everyone in the family.

  • Mirrors

    Our mirrors are unique and stand out, check them out.

  • Vases

    Flip Vases -Yes please! Functionality and Practicality.

  • Meet Morci

    Morci was found on the streets of Austin, TX. Later she moved to Miami for a while and stayed with me at Piro and Erika's House. Then a stint in Puerto Rico with my grandpa, after she accompanied him in his last days, she packed up an moved to The Netherlands to reunite with me. She rides her bike basket to the office most of the days to work hard at Clodunola. The other days she just stays home and sleeps.

  • Meet Pepper

    Pepper was a rescue coming from Greece and came to live with us in The Netherlands.

    She walks Renee every morning and plays around the office all day. She brings a lot of hapiness to Cloudnola